• CCR Solutions – Industry Leading Geosynthetics for the Closure and Containment of Coal Combustion ResidualssmoothmaterialRead More
  • AgruTex® – A nonwoven geotextile that provides filtration and drainage and/or protects other critical materials from puncture, migration or degradation.smoothmaterialRead More
  • Agru GeoClay® – A geosynthetic clay liner for primary or secondary containment for applications ranging from landfill cells to ponds and lagoons.smoothmaterialRead More
  • Sure-Grip® – High impact resistant, SureGrip® liner features V-shaped anchor studs that adhere securely to concrete. Available in HDPE and PP, SureGrip® provides long-term protection of tunnel structures from erosion.smoothmaterialRead More
  • Sureline® I Pipes – Light, flexible and earthquake-proof, Sureline® pipes ensure safe and reliable operation and are used in sandbed-free installation sites.smoothmaterialRead More
  • Sureline® II Pipes – Developed specifically for exposed and trenchless pipe installations, Sureline® II pipes offer protection against point loads, crack initiation, slow crack propagation and external damage.smoothmaterialRead More
  • HDPE Pipe Fittings – Corrosion and chemical resistant, Agru’s Fittings offer superior flow characteristics and can be heat fused with any pipe made from a like resin.smoothmaterialRead More