Concrete Protection with Industry-Leading SURE-GRIP®

Concrete protection is essential for maximizing the performance of concrete structures.

Thanks to its high strength and low cost, concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials. However, it can be subject to deterioration and damage, including corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure, compromising its structural integrity, reducing service life, and increasing maintenance costs. For these reasons, it is essential to take protective measures that extend the service life of concrete structures and reduce the need for costly repairs.

AGRU manufactures products that protect concrete structures and extend their service life. These concrete protective liners (CPL) include Sure-Grip, AGRU Ultra Grip, and Hydroclick. AGRU also produces AGRUFlex, a low-permeability liner to protect concrete structures against the infiltration of water, gases, and soils.

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An industry leader in concrete protection for over 30 years.

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An innovation on Sure-Grip’s design for enhanced backpressure resistance.

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Fast and safe rehabilitation of potable water storage.

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Protects concrete tunnel structures against the infiltration of water, aggressive soils, and root penetration.

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Need Help Determining Which Product is Right For Your Application?

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