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Sure-Grip concrete protective liners (CPL) made of HDPE, HDPE-el, PP, PVDF, and ECTFE are produced with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. This system has been successfully applied worldwide for more than 30 years and serves as a long-term alternative to spray-applied concrete protection products.

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Sure-Grip prevents concrete corrosion and degradation and can substantially extend the lifetime of a structure. In addition, by preventing exfiltration and infiltration, concrete protective liners provide direct protection for the environment and increased operating efficiencies. Furthermore, the unique anchoring system also enables construction in areas of significant backpressure. Unlike spray-applied liners, which have to be reapplied regularly due to cracking or delamination, concrete protective liners are long-lasting. The reapplication of spray liners presents residuals cost with significant effort to empty and clean the tank as well as operational downtime.

Concrete protective liners combine the advantages of thermoplastics (flexible, ductile, corrosion resistant) with those of concrete (high strength, high stiffness). Thus, the concrete is protected effectively and the durability and life expectancy is increased.

Sure-Grip Summary

  • Applicable for a wide variety of concrete structures
  • Secure mechanical anchoring to the concrete structure
  • High elasticity to bridge cracks in the concrete
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent shear resistance
  • Suitable for aggressive media (corrosion resistant)
  • Applicable within a wide temperature range
  • Long life expectancy
  • Low maintenance and easily cleanable
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Available in UV resistant materials.

Innovative Design for Leak-Proof Constructions

The unique V-shaped anchor studs, which are integrally formed onto the liner during the extrusion process, allow a secure mechanical anchoring of the concrete protective liner to the concrete, guaranteeing optimum anchoring to the concrete. Depending on the specific project requirements, a variety of anchor designs, resins, and liner thicknesses and colors are available. Concrete protective liners are joined by welding, which provides permanent and reliable joints. Different welding technologies, depending on the project requirements, are available for a secure and leak-proof joint:

  • Butt welding
  • Extrusion welding
  • Hot wedge welding
  • Hot gas welding

Sure-Grip has thickness supply ranges between 2 mm and 12 mm for Sure-Grip and between 2 mm and 5 mm for AGRU Ultra Grip. Sure-Grip and AGRU Ultra Grip are available in PP, PE, PE-el, PVDF, and ECTFE.


Lining of Precast Concrete Structures
AGRU’s concrete protective liners offer many benefits for the lining of precast concrete structures, including prefabricated concrete elements, concrete pipes and manholes, tank constructions, and oil/water separators.

Lining of Cast in Situ Structures
AGRU’s concrete protective liners are easily fabricated to the shape of the construction thanks to the quick and safe mounting to existing formworks by means of end profiles and tear off profiles. After the concrete sets, the concrete protective liner system is extrusion welded to provide a leak-proof solution. This installation method enables the installation of both the concrete protective liner and the formwork at the same time. In situ structures include underground construction; foundations and bridges; areas where chemical media are used, transported, or stored; and any type of basin.

Structure Relining/Rehabilitation
AGRU’s concrete protective liners can be used to reline and rehabilitate many existing concrete structures. This is accomplished through the use of a formwork system and the introduction of grout or concrete into the interstitial space. The concrete protective liners can be prefabricated and preassembled in sections to significantly speed up the on-site installation efforts, reducing production downtime and project costs.

Trenchless Relining of Underground Pipes
AGRU offers system solutions for trenchless relining which enable the rehabilitation of various cross sections and dimensions, independent of the degree of corrosion. Applications include segment and hose relining as outlined below.

Segment Relining
For segment relining, short prefabricated inliner sections are inserted into the pipe or channel. These sections are then fixed to a formwork. The gap between the liner and the old pipe is then backfilled with viscous, high-flow grout. After the grout sets, the formwork is removed and the individual segments are welded together.

Pipe Relining
For pipe relining projects, the inliner is custom-fabricated to be pulled between manholes. The process starts by sealing the inliner with plugs. Water pressure is introduced to the pipe depending on the required grouting length. Finally, a special grout is injected into the gap between the liner and the old pipe. This application has a successful track record and can be used with section lengths of up to 650’. Rehabilitated diameters range from 12” up to 84”.


Sure-Grip is a well-established concrete protective liner with a stud height of 13 mm and is suited for new constructions, tank rehabilitation, and precast elements such as concrete pipes and manholes. Sure-Grip comes available in a host of material types including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVDF, and ECTFE. Available colors include grey, black, and yellow. For advanced requirements, AGRU is also able to manufacture Sure-Grip type 571 with a stud height of 19 mm. Special dimensions and product specifications can be made available on request.

AGRU Ultra Grip®

AGRU Ultra Grip possesses an innovative design with an enhanced shape that offers a superior resistance to backpressure, greatly reducing the chance of the liner being pulled out of the concrete. AGRU Ultra Grip is recommended for installations of structures in areas with high groundwater where significant backpressures will be encountered. This advanced liner is the best solution for large-scale construction projects and is available in widths of up to 16.4’.

Specialized Sure-Grip and AGRU Ultra-Grip

Sure-Grip with Double-Sealing Technology is a system formed by combining Sure-Grip and Distance Sheets with Integrated spacers to provide a double liner for the highest containment safety factor. This level of security is required for the storage of environmentally hazardous media and is joined using ultrasonic welding. The space between the sheets enables permanent leak detection and a means to monitor the integrity of the system.

Sure-Grip with Slip Protection offers slip protection on floors and other traversable surfaces.

Sure-Grip with Signal Layer adds a light-colored layer that offers visual detection of damages, improving the quality control process.

Sure-Grip with Polyester Fabric adds a surface for an adhesive bond that facilitates transitions and bonding to materials other than concrete, such as PVC and steel.

Sure-Grip with Self-Cleaning Surface features a self-cleaning surface pattern based on the latest scientific research about biotic growth behavior on different surfaces. The surface reduces sedimentation in the bottom area of sewers, even with discontinuous flow. Reducing sedimentation limits microbial-induced corrosion, which is the primary cause of concrete corrosion in sewers.

Sure-Grip Accessories such as installation profiles, corners, and welding rods are available to facilitate installations.

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