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AGRU America Freight Allowed Policy

Updated January 9, 2024

Agru/America Inc. (AGRU) agrees to ship all fitting products to the Customer’s warehouse locations in North America if the purchase order amount is at least $3,000.00 (freight-allowed). Products excluded from the freight-allowed policy are transition fittings, backing rings larger than 14”, processors, e-couplers larger than 12”, geosynthetics, pipe, and sheet stock. Items shipping directly from Agru Austria, or any other AGRU facility except AGRU’s locations in Georgetown, SC, Andrews SC, or Fernley, NV, are not included in this freight allowed policy. AGRU reserves the right to ship your order in the most economical manner available, as long as the order is shipped on or before the projected ship date given. If any of the items the Customer is requesting are not in stock, we will strive to re-stock those items promptly. If AGRU is paying the freight, AGRU reserves the right to hold shipment until all items become available. Any additional costs of any non-standard packaging or handling requested will be the responsibility of the Customer.