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About AGRU America, Inc.

Born of a robust pedigree of geosynthetic excellence, AGRU America, Inc. manufactures premium geomembrane liners backed by over 30 years of experience, innovation, quality, and service.

Since 1988, Georgetown, South Carolina-based AGRU America, Inc. has been the world’s leading manufacturer of flat die extrusion geomembrane liners, geonets, geocomposites, and geotextiles. AGRU America also supplies geosynthetic clay liners, concrete protective liners, vertical barrier systems, and pipe and fitting systems for the U.S. and international civil/environmental markets.


  1. 1st Workshop


    Alois Gruber, Sr. founded a metal workshop in Waldneukirchen Austria

  2. Relocation


    Relocation to the newly built fitter’s shop (10 x 20 m) in Bad Hall. Production of stoves/sinks and porches.

  3. First Extruder


    Purchase of the first extruder Ø 60 (Anger). Production of handrails/armchair strips and insert rails.

  4. First Pipe Production


    Construction of office and residential buildings/garages and first hall construction (approx. 10 x 30 m). First production of pipes.

  5. First Injection Dies


    First injection dies for butt welding fittings made from PP and PE are ordered by Anger and Mooshammer. Contract injection molding at Mooshammer and Stadlmann. Construction of an anodizing plant and plastics hall (approx. 60 x 24 m).

  6. First Production Hall


    First production hall as warehouse for plastics and anodic coatings. Relocation of plastics and anodic coatings to a new production hall.

  7. Hall Construction


    Hall construction for plastics (22 x 70 m), Hall 2.

  8. Anodizing Hall Construction


    Development of the state-of-the-art anodizing hall.
Relocation to new plastics hall with 5 extruders and 4 complete pipe production lines and a sheet plant with 2 sheet presses.

  9. Expansion


    Procurement of the new and spacious office building. With successful business development efforts, exports expanded to 20 countries. This made it necessary to upgrade the accounting system, and a modern computer system was installed in 1974.

  10. Production Expansion


    Adoption of PVDF pipe and semi-finished sheet production systems.

  11. New Construction


    New construction of the surface division. Erection of the anodizing plant and adoption of powder coating in Waldneukirchen.
Hall area approx. 6000 m².

  12. First PE Liner System


    Erection of a production hall in the Waldneukirchen plant for the first PE liner system, 5 m width (calendared).

  13. CPl Introduced


    Concrete protective liner introduced.

  14. First Clean Room


    First clean room for PVDF pipe and fitting production.

  15. AGRU is Born in America


    AGRU America is born with the construction of the parent company’s first international facility in Boston, Massachusetts.

  16. Plant 2 Construction


    Construction of plant number 2.
Size about 24,000 m² hall area.
Division of production into 2 locations.
Plant 1 Grünburger Straße fitting production and mold design.
Plant 2 Ing.-Pesendorfer-Straße extrusion, production of pipes, sheets, liners.
Erection of a new clean room for the production of PVDF pipes, etc.
Development of the former warehouse in plant 1 for the production of fittings (Hall 5).
In cooperation with FRANK GmbH, the company AGRU-FRANK GmbH was founded in Wölfersheim, Germany.

  17. Pipe Production Begins


    Pipe production began via a joint venture with FRANK GmbH in Wölfersheim/Germany.

  18. Relocation to Georgetown, South Carolina


    AGRU America’s first production site is relocated to Georgetown, South Carolina to meet new construction demands.

    Erection of plant 3. Automatic high-bay warehouse for fitting pallets (23,000 pallet spaces) and new construction of an office building, welding technology and R&D.

  19. Electrofusion Fittings Introduced


    AGRU America begins producing electrofusion fittings.

  20. Further Construction


    Erection of a production hall for E/F fittings and construction of a high-bay warehouse for molds.

  21. Plant 2 Extended


    Extension of plant 2. Construction for pipe extrusion and extension of the high-bay warehouse for pipes and sheets.

  22. China Expansion


    Erection of a sales and commercial enterprise in Taicang/China.

  23. Spain Expansion


    Involvement of the company Quero in Spain (commercial company).

  24. Nevada Production Facility Constructed


    AGRU America constructs its second production facility in Fernley, Nevada.

  25. Plant 4 Expansion


    High-bay warehouse plant 3; Construction started on plant 4.

  26. Plant 4 Completion


    Completion of plant 4 and high-bay warehouse.

  27. Expansion in Andrews, South Carolina


    AGRU America expands again with geotextile production in Andrews, South Carolina.

  28. Geosynthetic Clay Liners Introduced


    AGRU America’s Georgetown facility begins producing geosynthetic clay liners.

  29. Fittings Production


    Commenced production of injection molded PE butt fittings and transition fittings.

  30. U.S. Distribution of Fluoropolymers


    Began U.S. distribution of fluoropolymers.

  31. New Facility Under Construction

    Late 2016

    New Charleston, SC manufacturing facility under construction for the production of large diameter (OD 98.4”) PE pipe.

  32. First HDPE Large Diameter Pipe Shipped

    Spring 2017

    AGRU America ships first order of HDPE large diameter pipe from the new facility in Charleston, South Carolina.


As the only U.S. manufacturer using the flat die calendered extrusion process to produce high-density (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembranes, AGRU America has cemented its position as plastics experts and the leader in geosynthetic innovation.

Ongoing research and development have resulted in a variety of new products that meet the needs of geotechnical engineers and project specifiers. These products include state-of-the-art large diameter HDPE pipes and an extensive line of geomembranes including AGRU Smooth Liner®, textured MicroSpike®, and Drain Liner®, a drainage liner for double-lined landfills, heap leach pads, and lagoons. Another of our products, Super Gripnet® Liner, combines drainage studs with a conical grip liner side for landfill caps and closures.


AGRU America holds itself to the highest quality standards that control everything from incoming raw materials to final factory production of geosynthetics. At AGRU, all materials are tested to ensure they meet industry standards before entering the manufacturing phase. Additionally, every AGRU America lab is GAI-LAP accredited for all routine QA/QC tests performed at each facility.

Customer satisfaction comes first at AGRU. For instance, technical consultations, training courses, and on-site assistance are among the services offered by AGRU to support customers. Additionally, AGRU procedures help ensure that products comply with international norms, as monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis according to standards set by independent testing agencies. And when it comes to our nonwoven geotextiles, our total control over all the input variables that can affect the quality of the end product helps ensure manufacturing excellence.

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AGRU America collaborates with membership organizations to advance industry standards and access additional resources for product development.

Current memberships:

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) – Truckee Meadows Branch (Reno, NV)
American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA)
American Concrete Pipe Association – Cal. (ACPA-CA) Associate Member
American Exploration & Mining Association (AEMA) – old Northwest Mining
American Gas Association (AGA)
American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Dual Laminate Fabrication Association (DLFA)
Geosynthetic Institute (GSI)
Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) & GMA renewal
International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD)
International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI)
International Desalination Association (IDA)
International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)
International Sleep Products Association (ISPA)
Maryland Recycling Network  (MRN) – Business Member (MD-SWANA)
Materials Technology Institute (MTI) – Producer Member
NACE International – Individual Membership (NACE)
National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA)
Nevada Mining Association (NvMA)
Nevada Water Resources Association Individual Membership (NWRA)
North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT)
Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI)
Solid Waste Association of North America – SC Chapter (SWANA) – Individual Member
Coal Ash & Liquid Management Initiative (CALM)
Tunneling Association of Canada (TAC)

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