Super Gripnet® Liner

Product Overview

AGRU’s Super Gripnet® two resin types, HDPE and LLDPE, support projects where drainage and high interface friction, as well as cost savings, are critical. Examples include landfill caps, landfill slopes, and mining reclamation projects.

AGRU America’s structured geomembranes are manufactured by a continuous horizontal flat die extrusion into profile rollers, which give the product the final structured surface with drainage studs and spikes that will become an integral part of the liner. This process provides a smooth edge for on-site welding and a consistent core thickness, which provides higher sheet tensile strength and consistent high-profile texturing, resulting in higher interface friction capabilities and consistent drain capacity.

Technical Aspects

Super Gripnet’s structure includes a 3.3 millimeter (0.130 inches) high studded drain surface on the top side and 4.45 millimeter (0.175 inches) high spiked friction surface on the bottom side. The 7 meters (23 feet) wide rolls of finished product include a smooth edge on both sides of the roll for ease of thermal welding in the field. Due to the molded structure, core thickness does not vary as with blown-film textured sheets, so the mechanical properties of the sheet are not affected. In addition, the consistent high-profile texture ensures optimum interface friction characteristics at any point on the sheet surface.


Interface Shear – Cap Loading Conditions (ASTM D 5321)

Soil/Grip Liner Surface P LD
Coarse Sand 35° 31°
Glacial Till 38° 34°
Silty Sand 28° 26°
Non-Woven GT 31° 26°
Soil/Drain Liner Surface with GT P LD
Coarse Sand 30° 30°

P = Maximum or Peak Interface Shear Value in degrees; LD = Large Displacement Interface Shear Value in degrees; GT = Geotextile

The top surface integral drainage studs are spaced in a diamond pattern with 12.5 millimeters (1/2 inches) spacing, and a lter/protection geotextile is then placed on the drain profile. The geotextile is heat set on one side (placed against the drain structure) to reduce intrusion into the drain. Large-scale ow rate testing, overlying soils and expected normal loads result in high planar ow rates.

The bottom spiked friction surface with its high spikes and patterned texture provides maximum interface friction and a high factor of safety against sliding.

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Product Solutions


Super Gripnet Linear Low-Density Polyethylene
Features improved elongation breaking point compared with HDPE.

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Super Gripnet High-Density Polyethylene
Features improved tear, stress crack, and puncture resistance compared with LLDPE.

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