Geocomposite Landfill Cover and Closure System from AGRU America

AGRU Geocomposite Closure System

AGRU America’s Geocomposite Closure System is the traditional method for closures, which utilizes AGRU MicroSpike® or AGRU Smooth Liner® geomembrane, overlain by a geocomposite drainage layer, soil cover layer, and vegetative layer.

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24″ Min. Cover Soil


40 mil MicroSpike®

A typical EPA Subtitle D-compliant closure and containment project requires a high-quality, low-permeability liner to prevent rainfall percolation from entering the waste containment area. Additionally, a drainage layer, soil cover, and vegetative layer are added for slope stability, additional fluid and gas control, and long-term protection against erosion. AGRU America’s Geocomposite Closure Solution delivers on this traditional system with the added benefit of more than half a century of geosynthetic manufacturing expertise and quality control. AGRU’s Geocomposite Closure Solution (GCS) utilizes two categories of AGRU products for the protective layer and the drainage layer. The low-permeability protective layer utilizes AGRU MicroSpike or AGRU Smooth Liner geomembrane. This geomembrane layer is made of high-grade polyethylene that can be uniformly coextruded with a spikes, studs, or color layers to meet your exact project specifications. This traditional closure system utilizes a cost-saving geocomposite drainage layer and offers among the highest and most consistent asperity height available on the market, providing consistent and dependable shear strengths.

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