ClosureTurf® Patented Subtitle-D Landfill Liners


ClosureTurf®, a Watershed Geo patented product, is a three-component system comprised of a structured geomembrane, an engineered turf, and a specified infill material. The foundation of the system is an impermeable, highly transmissive structured geomembrane. It provides the highest interface friction values available in the market. The engineered turf component gives the system its natural look and feel of grass while protecting the geomembrane from extreme weather conditions for the long term. The specialized sand infill component is placed between the blades of the engineered turf and allows the system to be trafficked while also providing additional protection from weathering. When required, ClosureTurf’s patented surficial gas system is included with the system to vent landfill gas emissions. ClosureTurf is fast and easy to install for an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective landfill closure solution.

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ClosureTurf is a final cover system comprising AGRU’s Super Gripnet® or MicroSpike® geomembrane overlain by an engineered synthetic turf and specified infill material. It is a proven “hybrid” composite closure system that outperforms earlier closure methodologies and is the only system that provides a predictable level of performance when subjected to severe weather conditions that occur in a post-closure timeframe. Based on several years of real-world experience on over 3,500 acres of installation, and extensive university and ASTM lab evaluations, the ClosureTurf system has shown to have a leakage rate over 40 times less than Subtitle D prescriptive and an erosion loss of over 100 times less than subtitle D prescriptive cover.

ClosureTurf is an EPA Subtitle-D and Federal CCR Rule-compliant final cover system that can be installed more than 50% faster than traditional closure systems, which utilize cover soil materials. ClosureTurf eliminates the need for large quantities of soil and related equipment usage, cost, borrow pit and hauling operations, thus dramatically improving site safety and decreasing its carbon footprint by almost 80%.

ClosureTurf reduces average maintenance costs by approximately 90% per acre per year. This final cover system also dramatically improves runoff water quality, making it an effective tool for best management practice in relation to Clean Water Act requirements.

CLOSURETURF® is a U.S. registered trademark which designates a product from Watershed Geosynthetics, LLC. This product is the subject of issued U.S. and foreign patents and/or pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.


Benefits of ClosureTurf®

  • Removes 2’ – 3’ of cover soil required for early industry closure methods
  • Delivers superior/predictable performance and aesthetics, even when exposed to severe weather events during post-closure
  • Removes additional geotechnical loading above the closure by eliminating cover soil materials
  • Improves stability, erosion protection, emissions control and leachate reduction – even on very steep slopes (2:1 or steeper)
  • Lowers annual operation and maintenance costs
  • Clean stormwater runoff
  • Rapid closure for odor control and gas management
  • Reduces construction carbon footprint by up to 80%
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