AGRU Receives FM Approval for its AGRULINE HDPE Fittings

AGRU America Receives FM Approval for its AGRULINE HDPE Fittings

FM Approved pipes and fittings are rigorously tested to meet certain standards of quality, technical integrity and performance in support of commercial and industrial facilities. AGRULINE HDPE fittings with FM Approval help certify that these products will perform under the toughest conditions.

Georgetown, South Carolina, April 5, 2021— AGRU America, the Plastics Experts and market leader in pipe and fittings, has reached a new milestone by receiving FM Approvals’ Standard 1613 for its AGRULINE HDPE pipe fittings.

“AGRU America has a long, rich history of manufacturing precision-engineered pipe and fittings,” says Melissa Grace, VP of AGRULINE. “To receive FM Approval certification of our AGRULINE fittings is further confirmation of our commitment to delivering the highest quality products on the market.”

AGRULINE high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe fittings are manufactured from the newest generation of PPI- and NSF-listed materials, meeting a range of standards including ASTM D3261, ASTM D2513, NSF 61, and AWWA C901 and C906. AGRULINE HDPE pipe fittings offer superior flow characteristics while retaining the lightweight and flexible properties that have made HDPE products popular in construction.

“AGRULINE HDPE pipe fittings have been used to create solutions in a wide array of applications,” says Melissa Applications include wastewater, potable water, gas distribution, mining, landfill, irrigation, and aquaculture. “With FM Approval, AGRU can confidently broaden its end use applications to the industrial market.”

“We are proud of our AGRULINE team’s hard work in earning FM Approval,” says Robert Johnson, CEO at AGRU America, “By offering FM 1613 approved AGRULINE fittings, AGRU is now able to deliver products that have proven reliability for use as underground fire protection lines and more.”

About AGRU America, Inc.

Since 1988, Georgetown, SC–based AGRU America, Inc. has been the world’s leading manufacturer of flat die extrusion geomembranes, geonets, geocomposites, geotextiles, geosynthetic clay liners, concrete protective liners, and fittings. The company also supplies vertical barrier systems and large diameter piping systems for the U.S. and international markets. AGRU America’s state-of-the-art products include AGRU Smooth Liner® and MicroSpike® (structured textured products), Super Gripnet®, and Drain Liner® in both LLDPE and HDPE. AGRU America is part of AGRU GmbH, an Austrian family-owned business since 1948 with production facilities in Austria, the United States, Germany, and China. AGRU products are distributed in over 80 countries worldwide. Learn more about AGRU America at

About FM Approvals

FM Approvals ( is an international leader in third-party testing and certification services backed by scientific research and over a century of experience. Its FM APPROVED mark on HDPE pipe and fittings indicates reliable product performance for use in underground fire protection systems.