HÜRNER HST Print+ 2.0 Electrofusion Welder

The exclusive distributor of the HÜRNER line of electrofusion welders, Agru America is proud to present the company’s HST 300 Print+ 2.0. Used in conjunction with Agru’s electrofusion E-fittings or other brands of electrofusion fittings, the HST 300 delivers seamless welds at a fraction of time and effort of traditional systems.

With the HST 300, manual marking of welds and data on the pipe is a thing of the past. Selected welding operations are recorded via the data menu and then printed to a label, using an optional USB printer, and is easily affixed to the pipe or paperwork.

The alphanumeric keypad enables easy input of all required welding parameters and traceability data. The on-board ViewWeld lets you browse through the welding abstracts on the screen – eliminating the need to print the report off to check the joint.


Available in 120 and 240 VAC versions

Includes a watertight case

Two year recalibration period

Automatic data logging: 10,000 welding reports

Welding range: Diameters up to 1200mm or 48” IPS

Data input: Pistol Grip or LED Barcode scanner, identification resistor, manual input of numeric fitting code or welding voltage and welding time, weather condition, contractor name, and recording of GPS-coordinates.

Welding monitoring system: Full range of system checks, from welding voltage, unit temperature, and current to input voltage and memory management.

Data output: USB interface port (USB A) for data transfer as PDF abstract or extended report to USB stick or to label tag printer.