Electrofusion Fittings (PE 100-RC) From AGRU America

Electrofusion Fittings

AGRU America offers a wide range of electrofusion fittings as part of its Pipe & Fitting system of products including couplers, tapping tees, and branch saddles, all produced from PE 100-RC.

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AGRU’s electrofusion fittings demonstrate enormous stress crack resistance thanks to robust polyethylene (PE) 100-RC. Installation requires no sand embedding, saving costs during laying. The fittings are perfectly harmonized for all Pipe & Fitting system products, providing a robust end-to-end solution.

AGRU’s electrofusion fittings offer permanent leak-tight connections through electrofusion welding. The simple assembly of the electrofusion fittings is owed to chamfered inlets and the fitting’s long insertion depths. AGRU’s fittings are simple to weld even in tight spaces or difficult terrain.

Machined E-couplers

Offers maximum safety thanks to completely embedded heating wire. Can be welded to the pipe outside of the trench. Available in SDR 11 (½” to 24” IPS) and SDR 17 (18” to 48” IPS).

Electrofusion Tapping Tees

Electrofusion Branch Saddles

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  • Electrofusion Fittings Brochure
  • E Coupling Data Sheet
  • Tapping Tee Data Sheet
  • Tapping Tees Installation Manual

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