HDPE and LLDPE Super Gripnet® Liner

Designed for applications where drainage and stability are critical, such as landfill liner or caps, landfill slopes and mining reclamation projects. HDPE and LLDPE Super Gripnet® Liners feature underside spikes for adherence to steep slopes and are simple and economical to install.

Geonets and geocomposites are not needed when using Super Gripnet® Liner for considerable cost savings.

Both HDPE and LLDPE Super Gripnet® Liner are manufactured using flat die extrusion into profile rollers. The rollers give the liner its distinctive studs and spikes. Because the studs and spikes are produced simultaneous with the liner material, and not added in a separate process, there’s no risk of the spikes separating from the liner.

HDPE and LLDPE Super Gripnet® Liners have smooth edges, allowing wedge welds between adjacent sheets. If needed, a special cutting tool can remove studs and spikes for cross seam welding of HDPE. No cutting is required for LLDPE.

All Agru Landfill Liners, including Super Gripnet® Liner, are manufactured in the U.S.A in a state-of-the-art facility and meet stringent quality control standards.

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Benefits of HDPE and LLDPE Super Gripnet® Liner:

  • Installed as a single layer without geocomposite sections, reducing installation time and cost
  • Improved planar flow, reduced risk of chemical/biological clogging
  • No risk of material separation. Studs, spikes and liner are integrated in a single production step
  • Meets or exceeds GRI’s GM13 (HDPE Super Gripnet)
  • Meets or exceeds GRI’s GM17 (LLDPE Super Gripnet)