HDPE and PP Sure-Grip® Concrete Protective Liners

Providing long-term protection of concrete structures, Sure-Grip® Concrete Liners extend the life of tanks, pipes and other structures, by bringing the flexibility and durability of thermoplastics to the strength of concrete.

High impact and shear resistant, Sure-Grip® Liner is ideal for aggressive and abrasive media. With its v-shaped anchor studs, the liner adheres securely to the concrete or injector.

Our 13 mm stud height Sure-Grip® is ideal for new construction, tank rehabilitations and prefabricated elements such as concrete pipes and manholes. Our 19 mm stud height Sure-Grip® is designed for concrete structures with higher requirements, such as those subject to high groundwater pressure.

When combined with distance sheets, Sure-Grip® concrete protective liners meet requirements for storing environmentally hazardous media. Joined by ultrasonic welding, the space between the two sheets permits monitoring for leakage detection.

The Sure-Grip® surface pattern also facilitates self-cleaning, leading to reductions in sedimentation.

Sure-Grip® concrete protective liners are manufactured using the latest production equipment, with high internal and external quality controls. Anchor studs are formed directly onto liners during the extrusion process, reducing risk of stud-liner separation.

Because correct installation is integral to performance, only authorized Agru installers may install HDPE and PP Sure-Grip® concrete liners.

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Benefits of Sure-Grip® concrete protective liners:

  • Stud shear force of minimum 1800 N/stud in longitudinal and horizontal directions
  • 90% reduced radiation absorption when using white HDPE on stud side
  • High pull out resistance of up to 42 t/m2 and 1000 N per stud
  • High mechanical bond with long lasting seal
  • Comes in a variety of types, including different stud forms, liner thicknesses and colors