SDR 17 and SDR 11 Mine-Line® Pipes from AGRU America

Mine-Line® Pipes

AGRU America’s Mine-Line® Pipes (Patent # US 9,915,382 B1) are made of polyethylene (PE) 100 and are designed to offer outstanding abrasion resistance and reduced life-cycle costs.

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Mine-Line (Patent # US 9,915,382 B1) pipes are best suited for applications such as mining slurry lines and any other highly abrasive installation processes. Mine-Line pipes are capable of withstanding harsh applications including fluid-solid mixtures.

The pipe’s white outside surface reduces pipe temperature under sunlight, reducing thermal expansion and snaking. The pipe is available in diameters starting at OD 63 mm up to OD 400 mm in SDR 17 and SDR 11.

AGRU’s Mine-Line SDR 11 pipes are perfectly suited for fluid-solid mixtures or slurries. In many cases, these PE pipes are able to outperform other piping systems such as concrete or steel pipes. Using feedback from field applications and abrasion test results, AGRU has been able to further refine Mine-Line pipes. Mine-Line pipes are made out of PE 100 or PE 100-RC.

Mine-Line comprises two layers: the Abrasion Resistance Layer and the Protective Layer (PE White). The inside, abrasion layer is designed to resist even the harshest applications. Meanwhile, the outside white surface layer is designed to reduce light absorption to reduce thermal expansion and snaking.

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