Fluroropolymers Semi-Finished Product

Product Overview

AGRU’s fluroropolymers, also known as fluoroplastics, offer unparalleled resistance to chemical corrosion. An optimized manufactured process under ISO class 5 cleanroom conditions combined with a careful selection of raw materials makes AGRU’s fluroropolymers ideal for applications containing ultrapure water, highly purified chemicals, or in clean rooms.

Technical Aspects

With self-cleaning surfaces resulting from AGRU fluroropolymers’ extremely low surface tension, tanks and pipework can be emptied residue-free. These semi-finished products are developed for extreme temperatures and remain stable under temperatures between -200°C and 260°C.


Interface Shear – Cap Loading Conditions (ASTM D 5321)

Sheet Material
Thickness [mm]
2-50 1-50 1-100 1.5-40 1-3 1-20
Round Bars
Diameter [mm]
15-640 15-640 10-315 20-100 20-100
Hollow Bars
Diameter [mm]
HV-Liner pipes
Diameter [mm]
25-355 On Request
Pipes – fabric backed
Diameter [mm]
On Request 20-160 32-110 32-110
Sheets – fabric backed
Thickness [mm]
5 3-6 2-6 1.5-6 1.5-6 1.5-2.3 1.5-3.8

Partner with AGRU America to quickly transform semi-finished fluroropolymers into construction materials, custom-build equipment, and other finished products specially suited to your needs.

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