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AGRU America is the exclusive distributor of the HÜRNER line of electrofusion welders.

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HÜRNER’s latest offering, the HST 300 Print+ 2.0 has been designed to work seamlessly with AGRU’s electrofusion E-fittings to provide accurate welding at a fraction of the time and effort of traditional systems.

The HST 300 makes manual markings of welds and data on the pipe a thing of the past. Instead, welding operations are recorded via the on-screen display and printed on a label that is then affixed to the pipe or associated paperwork. This easy-to-use process is further improved upon by the device’s compact size and weight. Professional welding process control and monitoring by the international standard add to the power of the next generation HST 300.

The HST 300 has a high-resolution display and is capable of displaying text in all major languages. This fusion welding equipment meets all major quality assurance standards including CE, WEEE Reg. No. DE74849106, ISO 9001:2008, and IP54 (IP64 optional).

Automatic data logging 10,000 welding reports
Welding range Diameters up to 48” IPS
Data input Barcode scanner, manual input of numeric fitting code or welding voltage and welding time, recording of geo-coordinates
Welding monitoring system Welding voltage, resistance, welding current, established contact, short-circuit, ambient temperature, input frequency, input voltage, memory management, welding unit temperature, maintenance interval
Traceability pursuant to ISO 12176-2/4 Commission number, 32 alphanumeric characters, welder ID code ISO-compliant, HÜRNER welder code, 1st (user-defined) additional data, 20 alphanumeric characters, 2nd (user-defined) additional data, 15 alphanumeric characters, 2nd fitting code, 1st and 2nd pipe codes, weather conditions, joint number, inventory number, installing company
Data output USB interface port (USB A) for data transfer as PDF abstract or extended report to USB stick or to label tag printer, incl. dedicated printing menu; transfer also possible in the HÜRNER DataWork format; using a powerful download menu to select date range, commission number or report number range, or all reports
Miscellaneous Alphanumeric data inputs with GT key- pad, report view accessible via menu, incl. search function, ViewWeld feature, AutoWeld feature, dedicated memory back-up routine

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