AGRU Drain Liner®

Product Overview

AGRU’s Drain Liner® Geomembrane is available in two resin types: HDPE and LLDPE. This geomembrane product is best suited for single- or double-lined projects such as landfills, waste ponds, lagoons, mining heap leach pads, and process ponds where containment and leak detection is crucial. Drain Liner eliminates the need for a separate geonet or geomembrane drainage layer, providing cost savings in material usage and installation.

AGRU Drain Liner has a consistent stud pattern and spacing, which gives the liner high flow rates and reliable drain capacity. The stud pattern also reduces the potential for chemical and biological clogging. Finally, the product’s smooth edges allow wedge welds between adjacent sheets, and a special cutting tool can remove studs from cross seams as needed prior to welding.

Technical Aspects

Manufactured using a flat cast extrusion process, as opposed to blown film extrusion, Drain Liner has consistent core thickness and high tensile strength. Its studs are fully integrated with the liner in one production step, leaving no risk of separation during use. These traits make the Drain Liner an effective Integrated Drainage System (IDS), with significant advantages over conventional geonets.

One-layer installment as an integral drain with the primary or secondary liner, depending on installation. This reduces installation time dramatically and lowers material, installation and CQA costs. It also provides better consistency and a bi-directional flow.


  • Certified to pass Low Temperature Brittleness via ASTM D746 (-80°C)
  • Dimensional Stability via ASTM D1204 (±2% @ 100°C)
  • Reduced installation time and cost with the elimination of geonet drainage layer
  • Higher flow rates than a conventional geonet
  • Resistant to long-term creep
  • Faster leak detection
  • HDPE Drain Liner meets or exceeds GRI’s GM13
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