Black & White LLDPE and HDPE Lining System from AGRU America

Black & Color Liner

To meet unique project requirements, AGRU America manufactures several highly customized specialty liners. These top-of-the-line products include color liners and conductive liners that allow for enhanced leak identification. AGRU provides options for light reflection, heat absorption, and aesthetics.

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White Liner

AGRU white-coated geomembrane liners are a coextruded product that adds a layer of white-infused geomembrane onto a layer of black AGRU geomembrane. This white liner component offers a light reflective surface that helps control the liner’s thermal properties, reducing associated heat absorption by as much as 50%. Reducing absorbed heat helps avoid membrane damage as a result of excess thermal expansion and contraction. By minimizing damage to the membrane, installers can reduce the probability for leaks to occur.

Additionally, the white liner component of AGRU’s geomembranes are manufactured with high-grade pigment additives that do not inhibit the liner’s welding capability. The final product is durable with consistent widths across the length of the liner.

Green Liner

Green-coated geomembranes can help improve the overall aesthetics of the project by blending the liner with the surrounding flora.

  • AGRU color liners are available in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and can be further customized with a structured surface for improved slope stability.
  • Minimizes heat absorption—and resulting thermal expansion—by up to 50%
  • Significantly improves damage detection.
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Data Sheets
  • LLDPE Black & White Smooth Liner Data Sheet
  • HDPE Black & White Smooth Liner Data Sheet
  • HDPE Black & White Conductive Smooth Liner Data Sheet
  • LLDPE Black & White MicroSpike Liner Data Sheet
  • HDPE Black & White MicroSpike Liner Data Sheet
  • HDPE Black & White Conductive MicroSpike Liner Data Sheet
  • QAQC Manual

Need Help Determining Which Product is Right For Your Application?

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