AGRULock VS Leachate Collection System from AGRU America


AGRU America’s AGRULock VS is a specialized product used to seal off vertical cut-off walls to create an impermeable layer. The AGRULock VS system can also enable percolation at panel joints along a specified path. The system is ideal for locations where contaminated groundwater streams need to be stopped or treated with “gate and fence” systems and at construction sites where the groundwater table must be kept at a low level.

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The AGRULock VS is easily installed at construction sites due to the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material profile, which is easily welded with any hot wedge welding machine.

With the option to fill the box section with various sealing compounds and the ability to withstand horizontal separation loads greater than 15 kN/m along the interlock, AGRULock VS is designed for tough working conditions. The profile interlock also provides outstanding horizontal elongation properties.

Other benefits include identical male and female profiles, the ability to install with a frame or coiling drum, availability in customized lengths measuring up to 45 m, and a 130 mm wide profile section for easy welding.

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