AGRU Tri-Lock™ from AGRU America

AGRU Tri-Lock™

AGRU America’s Tri-Lock™ is made of extruded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and serves as an embedded attachment for HDPE liners. AGRU Tri-Lock embeds in any face of new cast-in-place or precast concrete construction and can be fabricated to maneuver around shapes and corners.

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A major benefit of the AGRU Tri-Lock is its ability to accept welds with HDPE liners of any thickness. The material delivers exceptional stress cracking resistance and impact performance. If the liner experiences unexpectedly high tensile loads, the liner will yield before AGRU Tri-Lock yields or pulls out of the concrete.

AGRU Tri-Lock depends on correct installation techniques in order to ensure a secure embedment of the system and a sound weld to the HDPE liner. Generally, AGRU Tri-Lock is cut and butt-welded together to fit corners and shapes. The cutting and welding, if performed correctly, will provide continued support for the HDPE liner and a secure seal. AGRU America supplies prefabricated corners and T connections.

AGRU Tri-lock is available in long lengths and is ultraviolet (UV) stabilized. It is produced from high-grade resin, providing broad compatibility with HDPE lining materials.

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