AGRU Smooth Liner®

Product Overview

Tough and flexible, HDPE and LLDPE AGRU Smooth Liner® is the material of choice for containment applications and landfill caps. The chemically resistant material provides consistent thickness and delivers optimum weld speed and weld quality in the field.

HDPE and LLDPE AGRU Smooth Liner meets or exceeds GRI GM13/17 test values, the frequency of testing and test methods and requirements established by the environmental waste containment and civil engineering communities. All AGRU Smooth Liner material is rolled on 23’ wide plastic cores to ensure ease of installation, eliminating the problem of collapsed cores.

Technical Aspects

The flat die extrusion process allows for the best thickness control of any geomembrane in the industry and the most consistent properties across the roll width. The advantage to AGRU’s smooth mirrored finish is a great QC/ QA tool in the field when looking for installation damage.

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Product Solutions

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Smooth Liner

The LLDPE liner meets or exceeds GRI GM 17 and is more flexible than the HDPE liner while maintaining its toughness.

  • Available in thicknesses of 40-100 millimeter
  • Available in black or black/white
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High-Density Polyethylene Smooth Liner

The HDPE liner meets or exceeds GRI GM 13 and has a more than 20-year proven track record.

  • Available in thicknesses of 30-100 millimeter
  • Available in black or black/white
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