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MicroDrain® Liner

The industry-leading pond containment and drainage solution.

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microdrain containment solution

Ponds are an essential component of many industries. Choosing the right liner means reliable operations for decades and helps avoid frequent interruptions due to maintenance and repairs. MicroDrain is AGRU’s solution that combines containment and leak detection into one product. This brochure provides a general overview of the product and applications.

AGRU’s MicroDrain can be manufactured with either high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). MicroDrain is best suited for single- or double-lined projects such as waste ponds, lagoons, and basins where containment and leak detection are crucial. This liner eliminates the need for a separate geonet drainage layer, providing cost savings and improving performance.

MicroDrain features a consistent drainage stud pattern and spacing, which gives excellent flow rates and reliable drain capacity. The stud pattern also reduces the potential for chemical and biological clogging. This liner also features an integrated bottom-facing MicroSpike surface with asperity heights above 20 mils.

MicroDrain Benefits

  • Reduced installation time and cost by eliminating the need for a separate geonet drainage layer.
  • Manufactured using a flat-die cast extrusion process for consistent stud pattern and spacing.
  • High flow rates and reliable drain capacity compared with conventional geonet.
  • Eliminates the risk of puncture from geonet to geomembranes.
  • Leak detection drain studs provide an excellent walking surface compared with a traditional geonet.
  • MicroDrain meets or exceeds GRI GM 13 for HDPE and GRI GM 17 for LLDPE.
  • Increased shear strength compared with geomembrane and geonet.


Combine with AGRU Conductive Liner to support construction quality assurance testing by facilitating the identification of holes, punctures, and other breaches over an installed geomembrane area using the test method ASTM D7240.

  • Improves construction quality control with spark testing per ASTM D7240
  • Helps identify holes, punctures, and other breaches.
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Data Sheets
  • HDPE MicroDrain Data Sheet
  • LLDPE MicroDrain Data Sheet
  • QAQC Manual
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