MicroDrain® Liner

Product Overview

AGRU MicroDrain is a combined barrier liner and drainage media unique to the industry and is the latest culmination of AGRU America’s geomembrane R&D. MicroDrain is manufactured with either high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE).

The upward-facing studs in MicroDrain promotes high flow rates and reliable drainage, eliminating the need for a separate geonet or geocomposite drainage layer. This upward-facing part, or AGRU’s Integrated Drainage System (IDS), yields cost savings in material usage and installation while removing what has been the weakest link (a separate material for drainage) for interface shear strength.

The bottom-facing part of the liner uses spiked asperities (leveraging AGRU’s MicroSpike technology) for high slope stability against a steep subgrade. Finally, the product’s smooth edges allow double-wedge welding between adjacent sheets. and a special cutting tool can remove studs or spikes from cross seams as needed prior to welding.

Technical Aspects

Manufactured using a flat-die cast extrusion process, MicroDrain features consistent stud pattern and spacing. The stud pattern also reduces the potential for chemical and biological clogging by allowing freer flow of liquids. This manufacturing process promotes full integration of surface features, removing the risk of separation during use. Furthermore, by combining separate features into one product, designers meet multiple project requirements during a single installation. MicroDrain can reduce overall installation time and lower material and CQA costs.


  • MicroDrain is an effective geomembrane for use in closure and containment applications
  • Available in HDPE and LLDPE
  • Upward-facing studs available with heights of 130 mils (3.3 mm), for drainage
  • Bottom-facing spikes available with heights of up to 18 mil for slope stability.


The consistent textured pattern and spacing in MicroDrain makes it an ideal liner solution in high-precision applications.


MicroDrain is a dual-purpose geomembrane landfill closure solution that works in conjunction with a soil-based cover system and geotextile. The typical configuration for soil-based landfill closures includes a filter layer in the form of AGRUTEX, an 8 oz/sy nonwoven geotextile.


For containment applications, MicroDrain offers excellent performance and a cost-savings containment solution for double-lined ponds, reservoirs, pits, and containment cells. In this situation, MicroDrain works as the secondary geomembrane in applications with slopes of up to 3H:1V.

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Product Solutions

MicroDrain with IDS

A final Subtitle D-compliant cover system that outperforms earlier closure methodologies.

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