AGRU Conductive Liners

Product Overview

AGRU Conductive Liner possesses higher carbon loading compared with other polyethylene-based liners, allowing this specialty liner to conduct electrical charges. This feature allows Construction Quality Assurance Testing searching for possible holes, punctures, tears, cuts, cracks, and similar breaches over the partial or entire area of an installed geomembrane using either test method ASTM D7002 or D7007. These tests use an electrically charged wand or dipole apparatus to locate electric flow through such breaches to the subgrade soil beneath. In the case of AGRU’s conductive liner, the electrical charge can flow along the underside of the liner, thus can be used on the primary (not in contact with the subgrade) in double-lined applications.

Conductive liner is implemented for improved quality control processes by removing the reliance on the human eye for post-installation inspections. One unique feature of AGRU’s Conductive Liner is its improved strength and elongation strength qualities when compared with the industry standard.


Conductive liners can be utilized in applications across many industries and projects including combustion residuals, environmental, civil engineering, mining, waste closure and containment, tunnels, waste and waste water, and energy, oil, and gas. However, because conductive liner is specifically designed for spark testing leak detection, it is most often used whenever the geomembrane is exposed and covers some kind of liquid impoundment such as basins, ponds, tanks, and ore and waste pads.

Technical Aspects

  • Conductive geomembrane incorporates a thin coextruded conductive bottom layer that allows for spark testing per ASTM D7240 without the need for water.
  • The area is swept with a brush-like test wand to locate points where the capacitor discharges through a leak. When the system senses the discharge current, it is converted to a visible spark and audible alarm.
  • Specialized Geomembranes
  • HDPE B/W Conductive MicroSpike Liner
  • HDPE B/W Conductive Smooth Liner
  • HDPE Conductive MicroSpike Liner
  • Lining Systems

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