Berkeley County Landfill: An AGRU America / WatershedGeo Project

Berkeley County Landfill

Berkeley County Water and Sanitation completed a 10-acre long-term cover system at its landfill site in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. The site is the first application in the state to use ClosureTurf®, an EPA Subtitle D compliant landfill closure system specifically designed to eliminate soil erosion, reduce post-closure maintenance costs, increase slope integrity and enhance landfill gas (LFG) management. By implementing the ClosureTurf® system across the 10-acre area, Berkeley County will save approximately $720,000 over a 30-year period in future maintenance costs while reducing the environmental impact and improving safety and performance.

Officials at the landfill had to address significant challenges: The previous landfill operator had built the waste too far out to the edge, leaving little room to place a two-foot thick traditional soil capping system that would require extensive waste removal. The landfill is also located in an earthquake zone and an area susceptible to hurricanes and high rainfall events. In the event of seismic activity or significant rainfall, the soil used in a traditional capping system would present a significant slide hazard.

To gain approval to implement ClosureTurf®, which is considered an alternative long-term cover landfill system, Berkeley County landfill officials worked closely with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC). The 10-acre long-term capping project was completed within nine months.

“We’re proud to say we’re the first in South Carolina to use this alternate method of landfill capping. By using ClosureTurf®, we saved an initial cost of $50,000 and estimate additional savings of $24,000 a year (over the 10-acre area) during the site’s 30-year maintenance period. In addition, we significantly reduce water contamination, dust, and heavy equipment noise and pollution from ongoing maintenance.”

Mark Schlievert, Director of Solid Waste, Berkeley County Water and Sanitation Authority

  • Project Name: Berkeley County Landfill
  • Location: Moncks Corner, SC
  • Completion Date: 2014
  • Products Used: ClosureTurf®
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