AGRU America Introduces 10” SDR7 Molded Butt Tees

AGRU America Introduces 10” SDR7 Molded Butt Tees

Georgetown, South Carolina, August 27, 2019 — AGRU America, Inc. has expanded its SDR7 molded HDPE AGRULINE product line with the introduction of a first-in-class 10” SDR7 HDPE Butt Tee.

AGRU’s new molded butt fusion tee provides unparalleled wall thickness, while still offering the same lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and superior flow characteristics with which AGRU customers are already familiar.

“We are especially excited about this new product,” says Melissa Grace, Vice President of AGRULINE & Geotextiles. “Due to the unmatched wall thickness of this molded butt tee, we are able to help customers install their piping systems more efficiently than ever before. There is currently no other manufacturer in the world that can produce a fitting with these characteristics.”

Although the product may find use in water, sewer, gas, geothermal, and other industrial applications, the 10” SDR7 Tee is especially beneficial in the oil and gas industry. Because it is produced with such a high wall thickness, the product can be heat fusion joined without additional wraps that are often required in the field. The result is a leak-proof piping system that is installed faster, and with fewer inefficiencies.

Similar to other products in AGRULINE, the molded fitting is produced from the highest-quality PE 4710 resin, which meets ASTM D2513, ASTM D3261, and D3350.

“The introduction of the 10” SDR7 Molded HDPE Tee is part of an initiative to expand our SDR7 and SDR9 product lines. With this latest addition, AGRU continues to establish itself as the principal one-stop shop for HDPE fittings in the United States. The remaining SDR 7 and SDR 9 10” & 12” molded fittings will be available from AGRU in the first quarter of 2020,” says Grace.

Decades of product optimization have turned AGRU’s pipe and fittings systems into a high-precision and cost-effective piping system. The company’s ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered production facilities are emblematic of AGRU’s ongoing commitment to quality and sustainability in the manufacture of its piping products. For instance, careful consideration is used in the selection of raw materials for AGRU’s HDPE fittings. AGRU only uses the newest generation of PPI- and NSF-listed materials, which are compatible for heat fusion with any HDPE pipe manufactured from a similar or like resin. All AGRU fittings are tested and certified prior to shipment, with the final release made only after all prescribed tests have been completed.

AGRU has more than 70 years of experience in injection molding. By combining the most innovative HDPE molding engineering, the highest mold design technology, and the highest-quality materials available, AGRU has become an industry leader for pipes and fittings. If you are interested in learning more about AGRU’s line of molded HDPE fittings, please reach out today.