AGRU America, Inc. Announces Conductive Cap Strips

AGRU America, Inc. Announces Conductive Cap Strips

Concrete protective liners like AGRU-ULTRA GRIP® help reduce the impact of corrosion and leakage on concrete piping and structures within municipal wastewater systems, improving service life. Conductive Cap Strips are now available by AGRU to ease installation of the liner by simplifying the ability to perform spark tests on welds.

Georgetown, South Carolina, April 20, 2021— AGRU America, the Plastics Experts and market leader in high-performing products like concrete protective liners (CPL), has reached a new milestone in concrete protection by introducing Conductive Cap Strips to its portfolio. General Cap Strips are essential products used alongside CPL such as Ultra Grip to assist with the joining of pipes and other precast segments. With the introduction of Conductive Cap Strips, installers are now able to more easily perform spark testing during construction quality assurance to detect leaks or other anomalies that should be corrected prior to operations.

“Conductive Cap Strips will greatly enhance CPL installation speed and quality assurance accuracy,” says Ernie Heins, technical manager for CPL and Tunneling Products at AGRU America, “ensuring that the liner within each pipe segment is properly welded to adjacent sections.”

Previously, if installers needed to perform a spark test on the welds, then they needed to use a separate conductive material such as an aluminium tape behind the liner. With Conductive Cap Strips, AGRU helps installers eliminate this extra step, steam-lining the installation and quality control processes with a single component.

AGRU manufactures Conductive Cap Strips at standard widths of 4 or 6 inches and with a thickness of 3 mm. The product can also be manufactured at custom widths to support unique installations.

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