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AGRU America 2022 Milestones

A review of AGRU’s achievements in North America throughout 2022.

[Georgetown, South Carolina, January 9, 2022 —] AGRU America, Inc. has spearheaded several initiatives in 2022 to support AGRU’s mission of supplying plastics technology to build a better future. AGRU’s innovative plastic solutions help protect human health, conserve vital resources, and modernize infrastructure. 

In early January 2022, AGRU America announced a new partnership with HK Solutions Group, culminating with the launch of a complete manhole rehabilitation solution called Monoform PLUS™. This rehabilitation solution combines HK Solution’s existing Monoform™ technology with AGRU-ULTRA GRIP®, the company’s industry-leading concrete protective liner. The solution offers equal performance and design life compared with a typical replacement job while providing numerous benefits. Most manholes can be rehabilitated in 2 days without being taken out of service. 

In May, AGRU joined the Materials Technology Institute, a global network of industry experts focusing on improving member companies’ safety, reliability, sustainability, and profitability. As an MTI member, AGRU has access to new resources and a real-time information network to help solve modern challenges. 

In September, AGRU America was awarded an International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) Bronze Marketing Excellence Award to acknowledge innovative and exemplary marketing initiatives from mid-2021 through Spring 2022. 

During the fall of 2022, AGRU supplied pipe and fittings for a canal enclosure of the Steinaker Service Canal. This project is significant because about a third of the water flowing through the irrigation canal is lost to seepage and evaporation. By enclosing the canal, the owners will help improve sustainable access to fresh water in Utah. The project’s success will help spur a paradigm shift in the United States, with more owners considering the benefits of canal enclosures. 

About AGRU America, Inc.

Since 1988, AGRU America, Inc., a Georgetown, SC–based company, has been on a mission to build a better future by developing innovative plastics solutions and fostering relationships built upon the highest quality, service, and dependability standards. AGRU America is a subsidiary of AGRU GmbH, an Austrian family-owned business since 1948 with production facilities in Austria, the United States, Germany, and China. AGRU solutions, which include state-of-the-art products such as AGRU geosynthetics, concrete protective liners, pipes and fittings, and semi-finished products, are distributed in over 80 countries worldwide. Learn more about AGRU America at and AGRU at

About HK Solutions Group

HK Solutions Group, which includes Turner Lining Company, is a custom fabricator and distributor that supplies fabricated products for precast pipe, wet wells, manholes, structures, and cast-in-place construction. Incorporating their experience of working with AGRU products for more than 26 years, HK Solutions have developed Monoform PLUS™, the ultimate manhole and wet well rehabilitation solution. Monoform™ and Monoform PLUS™ are trademarks of HK Solutions Group. Learn more about HK Solutions at  

About Materials Technology Institute

In 1977, The Materials Technology Institute (MTI) was founded to provide like-minded Chemical Processing Industry engineers with crucial research and resources, collaborative opportunities, and trusted answers to industry challenges. Now, MTI and its member companies around the world continue to provide global leadership in materials technology research and solutions. MTI has compiled over four decades of not-for-profit research, resources, and collaborative efforts and continues to foster lasting partnerships with its member companies. Learn more about MTI at