ClosureTurf® Impermeable Closure System

Final Landfill Cover System

An impermeable closure system for long-term protection against erosion, ClosureTurf® combines a drainage system and geomembrane barrier with a durable synthetic turf. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, including embankments, waterways, landfills, mine spoils and hazardous sites.

A quick and easy landfill cover to install, ClosureTurf® facilitates faster capping to reduce odors, improve gas collection efficiency, and enhance compliance with air quality rules.

Unlike traditional closure and erosion control systems, ClosureTurf® eliminates the need for protective soil cover and natural vegetation. It may also increase waste disposal capacity, which can result in significant savings.

Once installed, ClosureTurf® is virtually maintenance-free: it doesn’t require the mowing, watering and fertilizing of vegetative soil covers. It’s extremely resistant to soil erosion and can even withstand hurricane-force winds.

Because the ClosureTurf® landfill cover is exposed, versus buried under layers of soil, it’s easy to inspect for damage. If damage is found, it’s readily accessible for repairs.

ClosureTurf® is built with integral spikes for high friction to subgrade, and UV resistant blades interlocked with sand ballast. It also features integral studs for high capacity drainage and a geotextile for dimensional stability.

Benefits of ClosureTurf®

  • Reduces construction carbon footprint by up to 80%
  • Rapid closure for odor control and gas management
  • Lowers annual operation and maintenance costs
  • Improves stability, erosion protection, emissions control and leachate reduction – even on very steep sloops
  • Delivers superior and reliable aesthetics
  • Easy tie-in to base liner