BlaZbarrier® Flame Barrier Fabric

Designed for use in mattress manufacturing, BlaZbarrier flame barrier fabric complies with federal bedding flammability law 16 CFR 1633. Originally developed to meet the requirements of California’s TB603 bedding flammability law, Agru has continually improved BlaZbarrier to comply with changing regulations governing non-flammability in bedding materials.

BlaZbarrier flame barrier fabric is available in a variety of fabric types, including high loft, bulky, anti-skid, and non-woven print FR ticking. Each fabric type is designed for specific applications, such as mattress panels, borders, gussets, box topper, bunkies and smooth top mattresses. Most of our fabrics come in a variety of roll sizes and weights.

Agru America was the first fire barrier fabric manufacturer to have an onsite burn testing center. We use the center to continually test our fabrics for quality control and consistency. We also make our burn testing center available to customers so you can get the documentation you need for 16 CFR 1633 compliance.

Benefits of BlaZbarrier® Flame Barrier Fabric

  • Meets the requirements of federal bedding flammability law 16 CFR 1633
  • Available in a variety of fabric types, roll sizes and weights
  • Superior quality control
  • Onsite state-of-the-art testing facility