HDPE and LLDPE MicroSpike® Liner

MicroSpike® is the material of choice in containment applications where slope stability is critical. Consistent surface structuring gives this textured geomembrane reproducible friction angle values with the highest surface friction values in the industry.

Manufactured using our patented flat die extrusion calendaring production process, MicroSpike® Liner is the only textured liner with a consistent core thickness, resulting in unchanged puncture and tear values from smooth sheet. MicroSpike® is great for applications in oil and gas extraction such as regulated centralized impoundments, impoundment closures, flow-back and production, water ponds & covers and well pad liners.

MicroSpike® Liner has smooth edges to allow for the thermal fusion welding between adjacent sheets. This “best in the industry” material provides excellent friction characteristics with sand, clay, geotextile and geocomposite.

HDPE and LLDPE MicroSpike® Liner meet or exceed GRI GM liner test values, frequency of testing and functional requirements established by the environmental waste containment and civil engineering community.

All MicroSpike® Liner material is rolled on plastic cores to ensure ease of installation without damage due to collapsed cores.

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Benefits of HDPE and LLDPE MicroSpike® Liner

  • Meets and exceeds GRI GM 13 (HDPE) and GRI GM 17 (LLDPE)
  • Increased elongation and tensile values comparable to Smooth Liner®
  • Higher tear and puncture strength