AgruFlex® Tunnel Liner

Whether used in blast and bored or conventional tunnel constructions, AgruFlex® Tunnel Liner protects concrete tunnel structures against the infiltration of water, aggressive soils and root penetration.

A very low density polyethylene (VLDPE), AgruFlex® Tunnel Liner combines flexibility with tensile properties, chemical resistance and long-term performance.

Due to its superior water resistance, AgruFlex® reduces the maintenance work needed to repair water spots, dripstones from lime diffusion and external concrete corrosion.

Because VDLPE contains no volatile plastizicers, the AgruFlex® keeps its mechanical properties – ensuring tight construction for the life of the tunnel. AgruFlex® is easy to install with good weldability. It emits zero toxic fumes in case of fire.

AgruFlex® combines a black base layer with a bright signal layer and can be used with Geotexile, HDPE or LLDPE liners for cut and cover tunnel constructions.


Benefits of AgruFlex®

  • Only virgin raw materials used for production
  • High flexibility, easy to install
  • Long service life
  • No toxic fumes in case of fire
  • VDLPE keeps it mechanical properties