Hydroclick® Liner for Potable Water Tanks

Chemically resistant and delivering a long service life, Hydroclick® effectively seals and lines potable water tanks – both new constructions and renovations.

Developed in conjunction with ETERTUB AG, the low-maintenance Hydroclick® system consists of a polyethylene sheet with CLICK studs and the CLICK profile.

Installation is easy: Simply affix the CLICK profiles to the concrete structure (no preparation of the concrete is needed) and then “click!” the Hydroclick® sheets into the profiles. Joints are then sealed using extrusion welding – ensuring a leak-tight seal.

Hydroclick® sheets are manufactured using AgruAmerica’s patented flat die calendaring process – ensuring the liner and studs are of one continuous material.

Benefits of Hydroclick®

  • Frost and micro-organic corrosion resistant
  • Resistant against chlorination (up to 5 mg/l)
  • Life expectancy > 50 years
  • Complete leak control
  • High surface quality, no deposits
  • Easy to maintain, suitable for high pressure cleaning
  • Short installation time