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AGRU America, Inc. Joins Materials Technology Institute

The Materials Technology Institute has built a global network of industry experts to help member companies improve their safety, reliability, sustainability, and profitability. As an MTI member, AGRU has access to new resources and a real-time information network to solve modern challenges.

[Georgetown, South Carolina, May 12, 2022—] AGRU America, Inc., a market leader in high-performing plastic solutions, joins Materials Technology Institute (MTI) as a producer member, enabling faster development of next-generation solutions for its customers. 

MTI offers a wealth of knowledge built on more than 40 years of development through its growing membership.

«AGRU is building a better future through innovative plastic solutions,» says Robert Johnson, president and CEO of AGRU America. «Our new membership with MTI will allow for new opportunities by leveraging over 40 years of experience from this esteemed group. We hope to add value to member resources by sharing more than seven decades of experience as the Plastics Experts.»

MTI is a community of more than 1,700 industry experts that contribute value and shareable information through active participation. Members include leaders in the realm of materials science within process industries. This ability to reach multiple experts and quickly receive trusted information is one of the primary member benefits.

«We are proud to be members of this organization and will participate in the summer meetings this June 2022,» says Michael Krauss, vice president of Concrete Protective Linings & Semi-Finished Products at AGRU America. «We look forward to collaborating with other MTI members in advancing our respective industries.»

AGRU will leverage its MTI e-library, which includes reliable, cutting-edge knowledge built on decades of contributions, to enhance its industrial processes and add value to its customers. Participation in MTI’s member-driven research projects will enable AGRU to help develop comprehensive, high-impact answers to modern problems.

About AGRU America, Inc.

Since 1988, Georgetown, SC–based AGRU America, Inc. has been on a mission to build a better future through the development of innovative plastics solutions and fostering strong relationships built upon the highest standards of quality, service, and dependability. AGRU America is a subsidiary of AGRU GmbH, an Austrian family-owned business since 1948 with production facilities in Austria, the United States, Germany, and China. AGRU solutions, which include state-of-the-art products such as AGRU geosynthetics, concrete protective liners, pipes and fittings, and semi-finished products, are distributed in over 80 countries worldwide. Learn more about AGRU America at and AGRU at

About Materials Technology Institute

In 1977, The Materials Technology Institute (MTI) was founded to provide like-minded Chemical Processing Industry engineers with crucial research and resources, collaborative opportunities, and trusted answers to industry challenges. Now, MTI and its member companies around the world continue to provide global leadership in materials technology research and solutions. MTI has compiled over four decades of not-for-profit research, resources, and collaborative efforts, and continues to foster lasting partnerships with its member companies. Learn more about MTI at