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The Engineering Applications of ClosureTurf with MicroSpike, MicroDrain, or Super Gripnet

Weather has always been difficult to predict, but changes in the planet’s climate patterns over the last decade, along with increased regulatory requirements, have complicated the design, construction, and long-term performance of landfill closure systems. These elements are particularly detrimental to the long-term maintenance cost budgets and slope stability of the systems. ClosureTurf®, a Watershed Geo patented product, is a final cover system that incorporates an AGRU structured geomembrane, engineered synthetic turf layer, and specified infill material into a compact solution that is better equipped to resist environmental forces while also delivering a faster, cleaner installation.

In this article, you’ll learn about the various environments and situations where ClosureTurf with MicroSpike, MicroDrain, or Super Gripnet would help you overcome difficult short and long-term challenges. For instance, designing solutions for applications involving coastal installations, steep slopes exceeding a 3:1 ratio, areas with heavy weathering events, and regions with poor access to adequate soil quantity or quality to maintain vegetative growth.

The all-in-one system against the elements

ClosureTurf is a patented final cover system comprising AGRU’s Super Gripnet, MicroDrain or MicroSpike geomembrane overlain by an engineered synthetic turf and specified infill material. It is a proven hybrid composite closure system that outperforms earlier closure methodologies and is the only system that provides a predictable level of performance when subjected to severe weather conditions that occur in a post-closure timeframe. The engineered synthetic turf component is installed above the geomembrane and provides robust erosion control in addition to a clean aesthetic and finish.

ClosureTurf is an EPA Subtitle-D and Federal CCR Rule-compliant final cover system that can be installed more than 50% faster than traditional closure systems. Traditional closure systems rely on large quantities of cover soil materials and related equipment usage. With ClosureTurf, you can offset the cost, borrow pit, and hauling operations, thus dramatically improving site safety and decreasing its carbon footprint by nearly 80%. ClosureTurf is estimated to reduce average maintenance costs by approximately 90% per acre per year. This final cover system also dramatically improves runoff water quality, making it an effective tool for best management practice in relation to Clean Water Act requirements.

Unmatched slope stability with Super Gripnet

In engineering applications where slope stability is essential, Super Gripnet can be incorporated into the ClosureTurf solution. Super Gripnet features consistent textured spikes on the underside, making it the material of choice in containment applications with steep sideslopes. The textured spikes are manufactured using the flat die-cast extrusion method, which provides unmatched shear strength performance for closure applications. MicroSpike can also be coextruded with a colored liner to provide additional benefits such as improved thermal performance. This AGRU liner is typically manufactured with high-quality linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), which offers 400% elongation at break.

Controlling the flow of water with MicroDrain or Super Gripnet

MicroDrain and Super Gripnet liners are double-sided geomembranes comprising upward-facing drainage studs and downward-facing spikes of two different styles. The studded side features consistent pattern and spacing, delivering high flow rates and reliable drain capacity. These built-in studs eliminate the need for a separate drainage layer, providing cost savings in material usage and installation.

The bottom-facing portion of the liner uses 175-mil asperity grips for a high-friction surface that delivers superior slope performance that can maintain stability on slopes reaching a 2:1 ratio, in the case of Super Gripnet.

CLOSURETURF® is a U.S. registered trademark which designates a product from Watershed Geosynthetics, LLC. This product is the subject of issued U.S. and foreign patents and/or pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.