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AGRULINE Sizes Now Available in DIPS

The world’s best piping system now supports the DIPS sizing standard, enabling a growing list of supported project types and regions.

[Georgetown, South Carolina, July 26, 2023 —] AGRU America, Inc. (“AGRU”) announces official support for Ductile Iron Pipe Sizes (DIPS) for its AGRULINE piping systems. AGRULINE is manufactured in the United States with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for solid-wall pressure applications. AGRULINE is noted for its exceptional performance and service history when properly installed.

AGRULINE offers excellent durability, resistance to corrosion, seismic and weathering resistance, and leak-proof joints—all key factors when designing pipelines for a sustainable future.

AGRU introduced AGRULINE to the United States in spectacular fashion with the grand opening of its best-in-class Charleston Plant in 2017. With the United States’ growing need for new infrastructure to replace its aging water and wastewater systems and demand for America First, the plant’s opening could not have come at a better time.

Supporting the DIPS standard allows AGRU to deliver pipes to more projects and regions that continue to rely on that sizing system.

“Adding the custom tooling to manufacture pipes for the DIPS standard shows AGRU’s commitment to growing its piping business and meeting the needs of its customers in the United States,” says Natasha Arguijo, head of the AGRULINE business unit. “As we complete more successful projects, I expect our capabilities to grow in tandem.”

AGRU manufactures among the world’s largest HDPE solid-walled pressure pipes, reaching about 11.5 ft in diameter. These pipes, often made in a single 2,000-foot-long section, requires special logistical considerations. The Charleston plant is uniquely equipped to handle these goliath products, with its proximity to one of America’s fastest-growing harbors and exceptional freight access.

“AGRU, thanks to our founder, has always been a business about niche products and specialties,” says Robert L. Johnson, CEO and President of AGRU America, Inc. “Our specialization in HDPE pipes is allowing us to meet a growing need in the United States to build infrastructure for a sustainable future. We are proud of our growth these last five years and are excited to see what the next five bring.”

The new ASTM F714 data sheet showing AGRULINE capabilities in IPS, DIPS, and metric sizes is now available here.

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