24–71" Large Diameter Piping Systems from AGRU America

AGRULINE 24–71″ Piping Systems

AGRULINE large diameter pipes offer a robust, long-term solution for municipal, industrial, and aquaculture applications.

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AGRU produces AGRULINE 24–71″ pipes in its cutting-edge production facility in Charleston, SC, using a PE4710 resin that exceeds the ASTM D3350 standard. PE4710 allows AGRU to manufacture exceptionally durable pipes that are resistant to corrosion and flexible enough to support various installation methods such as horizontal directional drilling. AGRULINE 24–71″ pipes are a robust, long-term solution for municipal, industrial, and aquaculture applications.

AGRULINE is the industry-leading HDPE piping solution available in North America at the 24–71″ OD range. These pipes are extruded rather than spiral wound, meeting international standards such as EN 12201 and ISO 4427. AGRU collaborates with partners to be a one-stop solution for pipes and fittings in this size category.

AGRULINE 24–71″ pipes offer exceptional long-term hydraulic properties, reduced operational costs, and 100+ year service life.

AGRULINE 24–71″ Piping System Benefits

  • Manufactured with high-quality polyethylene (PE4710), exceeding the ASTM D3350 standard
  • Smooth pipe surface that reduces the opportunity for biological growth and incrustations that would otherwise promote pitting
  • Smooth internal surfaces support exceptional lifetime flow capacity thanks to no reduction in the pipe’s roughness coefficient
  • Pipe composition allows for reliable homogenous weld connections
  • Permanent low-head loss, resulting in lower lifetime pumping costs
  • Corrosion-resistant, nontoxic, and excellent chemical resistance
  • Flexible and durable enough to support horizontal directional drilling
  • High-fatigue strength helps prevent damages during installation and seismic activity
  • Withstands water hammers and pressure surges of up to 200% of the operating pressure
  • World-class engineering services.
  • Water & Waste Water Solutions
  • Quality Management Manual

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