Agru Tri-Lock

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) extruded anchoring systems, Agru Tri-Lock provides an embedded attachment for HDPE liners. Agru Tri-Lock embeds in any face of new cast-in-place or precast concrete construction and can be fabricated to maneuver around shapes and corners.

Agru Tri-Lock accepts welds with any thickness of HDPE liner. Extruded from black HDPE, Agru Tri-Lock delivers exceptional stress cracking resistance and impact performance. If the liner experiences unexpectedly high tensile loads, the liner will yield before Agru Tri-Lock yields or pulls out of the concrete.

Proper anchoring systems installation techniques must be observed to ensure a secure embedment of the Agru Tri-Lock and a sound weld to the HDPE liner. Agru Tri-Lock must be cut and butt-welded together to fit corners and shapes. The cutting and welding, if performed correctly, will provide continued support for the HDPE liner and a secure seal. Agru America supplies prefabricated corners and T connections.

Benefits of Agru Tri-Lock

  • Provides embedded attachment for HDPE liners
  • Accepts welds with any thickness of liner
  • Offers exceptional stress cracking resistance and impact performance