Agru America delivers more than just a product. With thirteen factories and eighty distribution centers worldwide, our engineers and product specialists are here to help you choose the right product for your application.

In this section you’ll find our products listed by name and type. Not sure which product suits your application? Visit our Application section where you’ll find products listed by application. Or, simply call us. We’re here to help you.


Manufactured using the flat die extrusion calendered process, Agru’s HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes deliver superior containment, stability and chemical resistance.

  • Agru Smooth Liner® – A tough, flexible liner for containment applications and landfill caps. Read More
  • MicroSpike® Liner – The only textured liner with a consistent core thickness and the highest surface friction values in the industry. It is available in HDPE and LLDPE with one or both sides textured. Smooth edges facilitate wedge welding. Read More
  • Black & White Liner – A geomembrane featuring a light reflective white surface that reduces wrinkles caused by thermal expansion and a black bottom layer for damage detection. Read More
  • Super Gripnet® Liner – Whether you need leak detection or filtration, look to Agru’s drainage products. Read More
  • Drain Liner® – Whether you need leak detection or filtration, look to Agru’s drainage products. Read More
  • AgruFlex® – Used to protect concrete tunnel structures against water infiltration, aggressive soils and root penetration. Read More

Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Agru’s ClayLiners are the material of choice for primary or secondary containment for applications ranging from landfill closures to tailing impoundments.

  • Agru GeoClay® – A geosynthetic clay liner for primary or secondary containment for applications ranging from landfill cells to ponds and lagoons. Read More

Geocomposites and Geonet

Whether you need leak detection or filtration, look to Agru’s Geocomposite and Geonet products.

  • Geocomposite – A synthetic media designed to replace one to two feet of traditional aggregate while providing drainage under site loads, gradients and site conditions. Read More
  • Geonet – A chemically resistant, UV stabilized material that’s ideal for drainage applications. Read More
  • Drain Liner® – Whether you need leak detection or filtration, look to Agru’s drainage products. Read More


Agru’s Geotextile AgruTex® is ideal for environmental and civil engineering applications – and offers superior protection of other critical materials from puncture, migration or degradation.

  • AgruTex® – A nonwoven geotextile that provides filtration and drainage and/or protects other critical materials from puncture, migration or degradation. Read More

Concrete Protective Liners

For protection and lining of concrete structures, including tunnels, potable water tanks, and pipes.

  • Sure-Grip® – Provides long-term protection of concrete structures from erosion. Sure-Grip® concrete protection liners withstand aggressive and abrasive media. Read More
  • Hydroclick® – Chemically resistant and delivering a long service life, Hydroclick® seals potable water tanks – both new constructions and renovations. Easy installation, complete leak control. Read More

Pipe and Fitting Systems

Agru America offers polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings to suit a wide range of applications. All Agru pipes are made from PE-100 RC for excellent durability and corrosion- and abrasion-resistance.

  • Large Diameter Pipe - The AGRULINE large diameter piping system is made from tough, durable extruded polyethylene, which never corrodes. Read More
  • Sureline® I Pipes – Light, flexible and earthquake-proof, Sureline® pipes ensure safe and reliable operation and are used in sandbed-free installation sites. Read More
  • Sureline® II Pipes – Developed specifically for exposed and trenchless pipe installations, Sureline® II pipes offer protection against point loads, crack initiation, slow crack propagation and external damage. Read More
  • Mine-Line® Pipes – Designed to withstand the harshest applications, including fluid-solid mixtures, Mine-Line® pipes feature a white outside surface that reduces pipe temperature in sunlight – and thus thermal expansion. Read More
  • HDPE Pipe Fittings – Corrosion and chemical resistant, Agru’s Fittings offer superior flow characteristics and can be heat fused with any pipe made from a like resin. Read More
  • Fusion Equipment - Used in conjunction with Agru and other brands of electrofusion fittings, the HÜRNER HST 300 electrofusion welder delivers seamless welds at a fraction of time and effort of traditional systems. Read More

Specialty Products

From ClosureTurf® to BlaZbarrier, Agru offers innovative solutions to meet your specialized needs.

  • ClosureTurf® – Delivers multiple benefits, including rapid closure for odor control and gas management. Exhibits superior and reliable aesthetics.  ClosureTurf® turns a costly, offensive, erosive condition into an attractive BMP. Read More
  • BlaZbarrier – For use in mattress manufacturing; complies with federal bedding flammability law 16 CFR 1633. Read More
  • Sheet Stock – Agru’s thermoplastic Sheet Stock Products offer outstanding durable solutions for the high-quality installation of apparatus and tank constructions. Read More
  • Agru Tri-Lock – An HDPE extruded concrete anchoring system that provides an embedded attachment for HDPE liners. Read More
  • AgruLock VS – A vertical cut-off wall system for applications involving the containment and/or treatment of subsurface gas and groundwater migration. Read More